Teamup Customization Helps Chicago Yacht Works Provide Stellar Service

Organized and efficient service and more with Teamup

A Teamup Calendar provides customization options and powerful features, so this single-source boating facility can provide stellar service for their many customers.

About Chicago Yacht Works

Chicago Yacht Works is a single-source facility for all boating needs. They provide new boats, used boats, boat service, boat classes, boat rentals, boat parts and accessories, and boat storage. With 8 buildings, over 300,000 square feet of indoor heated storage, and acres of outdoor storage—combined with stem to stern service capabilities and a full-line dealership—Chicago Yacht Works is Chicago’s boat facility.

Jonathan Paige was kind enough to share with us how using a Teamup Calendar helps them provide stellar service to their customers.

The challenge

We considered using a Google calendar or an Outlook calendar, but neither allowed the level of customization we were looking for.

We have a lot to organize: mechanical technicians, fiberglass repair technicians, sub-contractors and daily boat launch/haul-out tasks. We previously used a combination of whiteboards, Outlook/Google calendars (yuck!), and spreadsheets to schedule everything. It was a big headache!

The solution

We now use Teamup to schedule our technicians. It’s a vast improvement over our old methods.

We started using Teamup in April of 2016. The ability to prevent overlapping events in each technician’s calendar is a huge advantage. Using Teamup has stopped us from overbooking our Service department, and we can give customers actual dates for their work orders. We can also see when boats are launching, hauling, arriving, or departing, and that information allows us to make sure we schedule work orders on time.

Teamup has allowed us to easily use our own internal processes for scheduling the work and responding to customers.

Using Teamup to manage busy service schedule
Chicago Yacht Work’s Teamup calendar keeps their service department organized and efficient.

As well as using Teamup on our iMacs and phones, we also display the calendar on a 50-inch display in our Service Office. We can show our customers that we have their work order scheduled on a specific date, and we get many questions about how we use Teamup. The display is refreshed every few minutes so we always display up-to-date information.

Teamup has allowed us to improve efficiency and productivity. We have a clearly defined process, and every job is scheduled in the Calendar.

Work orders do not get forgotten, and we can set clear expectations for every one of our customers.

The success factors

Jonathan and the team at Chicago Yacht Works have figured out how to use Teamup’s features in just the right way for their needs.

  • The right calendar settings: Jonathan can set each sub-calendar to disallow overlapping events. This prevents double-booking or overloading the technicians, so they can stay on target for completing service jobs and customers can get an accurate date for when their service work will be completed. Other settings and options give the calendar administrator the ability to create a calendar set-up that is just right for the way their team works.
  • Using mobile apps: Being able to check the work schedule on-the-go is important for any hands-on job. Technicians can use the Teamup mobile apps (for both iOS and Android) on their phones to stay updated anywhere.
  • Creating a calendar display: Information is power! The large calendar display in the office lets customers see their scheduled work order and stay more informed and confident. It’s a powerful, visual way to communicate with their customers.
  • Customizing the calendar: When it comes to calendar and complex scheduling, a one-size-fits-all option ends up fitting… no one. With the customization options in Teamup, from color-coded sub-calendars to access permissions to custom event fields and link parameters, Jonathan and the team at Chicago Yacht Works are able to set their calendar up in a way that fits their own processes, keeping them efficient, organized, and accurate.

Thanks to Jonathan Paige for sharing this story with us.

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