From Frustration to Delight: Get Back in Control of Your Calendar

A calendar that causes less frustration makes life easier.

How Team Managers and Schedule Coordinators Can Use Teamup to End Calendar Frustration

For people who lead teams, manage events, and coordinate multiple schedules, there are some common points of frustration with calendar services. You’re probably using multiple inputs, juggling different priorities, and trying to make seventeen different people happy. And you — somehow — have to bring it all together and make it work.

It’s a lot to do.

Frustrating, inefficient calendar systems create more work than is necessary. We’ve designed Teamup to help you streamline what you do and get the frustration out of your scheduling.

Which one of these frustrations do you want to eliminate from your life? 

Frustration 1: Spreadsheets Are the Bane of My Existence

Spreadsheets require a huge amount of time, aren’t always accurate due to versioning issues, and require manual updates between the spreadsheet(s) and the calendar you use.

If spreadsheets are such a pain to work with, in a calendar application, why do we keep using them? Usually, it’s because there’s no apparent alternative.

Most calendar services don’t provide an easy way to collect information from multiple sources while maintaining the control and security you need to have over the calendar. Teamup does.

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Frustration 2: I’m So Tired of Endless Email Threads

Are you in charge of coordinating bookings, staff shifts, meetings, team projects, or other complex schedules?

If so, you may rely on email conversations or messaging apps to communicate with the people involved. It’s not ideal — email takes a lot of time and is usually inefficient — but without these back-and-forth discussions, you don’t know who is available for what time slots. It’s time for a better approach.

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Frustration 3: I Can’t See the Big Picture, In One View

Getting all the information you need in one place is key to doing efficient work.

You might need to consolidate information such as work schedules, collaborative projects, and event invitations from multiple calendars. Perhaps you need to work with calendars in Outlook or Google Cal or own systems, and you need to collaborate on scheduling and event invites.

You can set your Teamup calendar to provide a single, contained overview of all the information you need.

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Frustration 4: I’ve Got Way Too Much on My Calendar

Whether in personal, family, or work life, there are always more options than available time. You can’t do it all. And that’s okay!

You just need to learn and practice the fine art of delegation.

Many tasks need to be shared with or passed to the appropriate person. You can use a shared calendar to delegate these tasks and responsibilities without losing sight of them.

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Frustration 5: I’m Always Answering Questions about My Schedule

Ready to stop answering question after question about your own availability or plans? Outbound iCal feeds from your Teamup calendar let others view your schedule on their calendar app of choice. With Teamup, you can use an iCalendar feed to securely share calendar data between different calendars and calendar services.

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Frustration 6: I’m Overwhelmed by All the Information

You need to be able to see all the information, so you don’t miss something important. But having all the information on your calendar, all the time, can make it hard to focus on details or specific tasks.

You can use Teamup’s unique sub-calendars and folder organization to end this frustration. Sub-calendars are a great way to sort and organize the information you need to keep on your calendar. They work like individual calendars, but are contained within your master calendar. And you can turn each one on or off from view, as needed.

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Frustration 7: I Need to See Progress (Without Micromanaging)

It’s a challenge to manage a group with multiple projects of varying scope. You want to provide autonomy, but you also need to know that people are making progress on schedule.
Keeping all the information organized — and keeping everyone on the team on task and clear on what they need to do — gets a lot easier when you use Teamup.

Header photo by Andreas Weiland on Unsplash.

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