Work with Multiple Time Zones

Time zone is an important topic that can be quite confusing. We have spent a lot of effort to make sure that Teamup’s time zone support works well, and does what you need it to do in multiple scenarios.

Here’s what you need to know to work with multiple time zones in various ways.

Work with time zones

Teamup Calendar is designed to accommodate multiple time zone use: when an event is created, its time is set to the time zone in which it is created. Then, if the same event is viewed in a different time zone, the event time will automatically adjust to show its time relative to the currently displayed time zone. Changing the display time zone will not change the time of the events on the server, but only the display for the individual users.

  • Time zone indicator: It is displayed in the calendar’s bottom right, and on the drop-down menu in the top right. The time zone indicator tells you which time zone your calendar is in. So if it indicates Eastern Standard Time, then a 2pm event on the calendar means it will take place on 2pm in Eastern Standard Time. If you change the time zone indicator to Pacific Standard Time, the same event will be changed to 11am.
  • Automatic time zone detection: In Settings > Date and Time, look for the option to Enable automatic time zone detection. If you enable this option, when a calendar link is used for the first time, it will automatically detect the time zone set on the user’s computer or device, and will display events in that time zone. Calendar users will also be able to access and change the displayed time zone to another time zone, as they wish.
  • Disable time zone indicator and detection: In Settings > Date and Time, you can disable the option for automatic time zone detection and uncheck the box to Show time zone. This is helpful if you wish to share a calendar of events but want to lock the time zone in which it is displayed.
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