What’s the difference between “exit” and “logout”?

Exit and Logout are two similar terms, but they apply to different parts of your Teamup experience.

The Exit option appears in the blue menu button in the top right of your calendar when you are logged into a password-protected calendar.

The exit option on a Teamup calendar.
Exit takes you out of a password-protected calendar.

Exit refers to leaving a password-protected calendar link. Exiting a password-protected link does not log you out of your user account.

The Logout option appears in the user account menu, which is accessible from your user avatar when you are logged into your Teamup user account.

Logout takes you out of your Teamup user account.
Logout logs you out of your user account.

Logout refers to logging out of your user account. Logging out of your user account will also cause you to exit any password-protected calendar links you are currently accessing.

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