Master calendar

New Feature: Duplicate a Calendar

With the new Duplication feature from Teamup, you can copy the structure and configuration of an entire Teamup master calendar to get started quickly....
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2 min read

15 Ideas and Inspirations for Better Calendar Setup

Better calendar setup makes all the difference in how well your calendar works for you. So choosing how to organize your calendar is a...
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6 min read

How to Share an Event to Another Teamup Calendar

Do you work with multiple Teamup master calendars? If so, you might want to share an event from one Teamup calendar to another: You...
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1 min read

When to Use One Big Master Calendar Instead of Multiple Master Calendars

When setting up your Teamup Calendar, you may need many sub-calendars. In some cases, it’s better to have separate master calendars; in others, a...
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5 min read

How to Manage a Complex Schedule with Teamup

You can customize how you use your Teamup calendar so that managing a complex schedule is easier for you and your entire group. 
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4 min read
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