Zap of the Month: When a Booking Is Confirmed, Send an SMS Message

Booking appointments, room reservations, or managing shared resources? Set up a Zap for Teamup and Clicksend integration that makes automated booking confirmations a breeze.
1 min read

Zapier Integration: Get Custom Fields Directly Inside Your Zaps and More

Teamup's Zapier integration support all types of custom fields, a unique way to capture, organize, and filter for the important information you need.
Otomar Nemecek
2 min read

How to View All Your Trello Cards with Due Dates on One Calendar

Have you ever scheduled a big meeting the same afternoon your kids only have a half-day at school? If so, you know the pain...
3 min read

Integrate Teamup Calendar with MS Teams

Do you use MS Teams? If so, your Teamup calendar can be easily integrated with your MS Teams environment. Anyone who is part of...
32 sec read

What are iCalendar feeds?

Using iCalendar feeds, you can view other calendars in your Teamup Calendar (inbound) or view Teamup in other calendar services (outbound).
2 min read

Teamup Slack Integration

A Teamup Calendar Slack integration will post notifications on the Slack channel of your choice when changes occur to your Teamup Calendar. Learn...
13 sec read