icalendar feeds

Edit or Add Images to iCal Feed Calendar Events

You can set up up an inbound iCalendar feed to automatically import events from another calendar to your Teamup calendar. If you do so,...
58 sec read

How to Create a Curated Calendar of Facebook Events

If you’re coordinating a calendar to share events–online, digital, virtual, and otherwise–here’s an easier method for gathering event information. You can use Teamup as...
3 min read

Avoid Privacy Issue with Google Calendar

You can set up inbound calendar feeds from other calendar services, such as Google Calendar, into your Teamup Calendar. This enables you to see...
56 sec read

What are iCalendar feeds?

Using iCalendar feeds, you can view other calendars in your Teamup Calendar (inbound) or view Teamup in other calendar services (outbound).
2 min read

How to Let Others View Your Calendar Using iCalendar Feeds

Outbound iCal feeds from your Teamup calendar let others view your schedule on their calendar app of choice.
3 min read

Inbound iCalendar Feeds – Sync from external calendars

We have just made the beta release of this exciting new feature: The ability to take inbound iCalendar feeds and sync calendar data...
48 sec read

How to add a holiday calendar to your Teamup Calendar

Including public holidays in a company or team calendar is a frequent need.  With Teamup’s new feature for inbound iCalendar feeds, it is easy...
1 min read