Make Customized Printable Calendars and Planners with Teamup

Digital calendars are great: infinite space, easy edits, and automatic syncing.

But sometimes you need planning to be a bit more tangible. The physical limitations of paper planners and calendars can actually help with decision-making and creative thinking. Plus, it’s often easier to stay focused when you turn away from a screen and endless tapping or clicking, and use a printout instead.

Teamup’s 2024 collection of printable blank calendars are free to download, use, and print. There are a variety of formats, from daily to yearly. However, you may want something a little more customized. With Teamup’s unique calendar views, you can get just what you want, whether it’s a moment-by-moment daily scheduler, a multiple month overview, or a planner with columns.

Customized printable calendars you can create

Remember, blank printable calendars aren’t just for paper. You can use these calendars and planners with your tablet/iPad and a stylus, too. And a printable doesn’t have to be blank. Include relevant events or key parts of your schedule on a customized printable, or have a printed agenda, task list, or quick reference sheet to use in conjunction with your digital calendar.

Multi-column blank planner

🔗 How to make it with Scheduler view

Teamup’s unique Scheduler view is a great way to do side-by-side scheduling. Each sub-calendar is shown in its own column, so you can easily compare scheduled events or availability for different people, places, resources, etc.  Use Scheduler view to create a blank, multi-column planner to plan anything that has multiple elements, for the day, the week, or the month. For example, use a family planner to stay coordinated with family members, assign chores, or track routines.

Incremental daily schedule

🔗 How to make it with Day or Multi-day view

Whether you want to plan out a daily routine, keep an eye on your workweek priorities, or track where your time is going, a printed daily schedule can be the tool you need. The key here is to adjust the calendar resolution and time range to get what you want on a single page.

  • Choose to print one day per page for lots of writing room (a great format for time tracking) or print multiple days on one page.
  • Print a daily schedule with events and time blocks to stay on track.
  • Or create a two-column version of a daily schedule to log details and compare your actual schedule with the plan.

Mid-range planner

🔗 How to make it with Multi-week view

Set the number of weeks for a customized planner that gives you the exact timeline you need. For example, create an academic planner for summer school, the current block, the next quarter, or a whole semester. Or create a countdown calendar for a special event like a wedding or counting down to a big change, like moving or starting a new job.

Long-range planner

🔗 How to make it with Year/Multi-month view

You can print an entire year on one page by using Teamup’s Year view. Maybe you don’t need the entire year, though. Or you’d like it printed over multiple pages so you have more room. You can still use Teamup’s Year view; just adjust the number of months shown and set the dates for your customized long-range planner. You can include events from your calendar for a pre-populated overview.

Task lists and agendas

🔗 How to make it with Table view

Sometimes it’s easier to work from a physical list of selected tasks on your schedule. Choose the items on your calendar and create a customized task list with checkboxes and space for handwritten notes too. Or print a job reference sheet for a meeting or planning session; use the built-in filters to sort for events that meet your criteria. Then adjust what’s visible and print.

🔗 How to make it with List/Agenda view

Print a meeting agenda for reference or a week’s itinerary of events to share with participants. Agenda view works great for this purpose. If you want the printout to include all the event information, check the Details box. Otherwise, to print a summary with event titles only, leave the details hidden. Try List view, too, to print a list of events for a long.0er period (e.g. a month) grouped by the week.

If you don’t have a Teamup Calendar, create one now or use a live demo to make your own customized task lists, meeting or event agendas, printable calendars and planners for exactly what you need.

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