Quickly Save Customer Notes with Actions and Context

Use Teamup for a quick-entry method of saving customer notes, reminders, and actions from anywhere.

As a sales rep, you need a fast and reliable way to save customer notes. You’re often on-the-go. You’re juggling many demands on your attention. Maybe you’re in the middle of a meeting or wrapping up a call. You have to move quickly to get to the next meeting, make the day’s quota of calls, or get that report done before the end of the day.

But first, you need to save a few notes from the call. Or save an image or a file for reference, later.

It’s frustrating when you have to go through a long process to save customer notes. It’s equally frustrating when you save the info in some ad-hoc place, like a notebook or phone app. Then you can’t find it later when you need it. Information saved out of context is often as useless as no information at all.

"I want to quickly save my customer notes and reminders without a long process. I don't want to fill out a form or jump through hoops — just save the relevant info, fast." Share on X

The Teamup solution for saving notes

You can save customer notes on the go with Teamup’s mobile app. It’s easy to setup, and quick to use. Adding the notes takes only a moment. Emojis show context or action at a glance:

Save customer notes with actions, images, and context with Teamup on the go
Use Teamup’s mobile app to quickly save notes with actions and context

It is a quick-entry method of capturing information. You can easily tie it into your larger system. And it lets you put in just what’s necessary to save customer notes. Focus on the bit of info you need, tagged with the relevant context with whatever keywords you choose. The context allows you to find the info when you need it, to use, review, or add more details.

Once you get into the habit of capturing customer notes as you go, it will become easy to review. Use Teamup’s various views: swipe through the week or month on your phone. Get a whole year at a glance on a desktop computer.

Save customer notes on the go with action and context using Teamup on mobile
Use different views on Teamup’s mobile app to see the notes you need.

Here’s another example, using Teamup on a desktop:

Save customer notes - easy and fast with Teamup.
Quickly type and tab through for a quick-entry note on your laptop or desktop computer.
You can also upload files and images or take a photo and upload on the spot. When you save customer notes, you can tag context and note the next action, if needed.
  • Set up a quick-entry method to save customer notes, reminders, and bits of info as they come to you.
  • Make sure your method lets you add context (customer name, keyword, action) so you can find the information later, when you need it.

Try it out with Teamup’s mobile apps, custom fields, and image uploading.

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