Use Link Parameters to Make Your Embedded Calendar More Seamless

Do you need to display your events, webinars, classes, or even your availability on your website? Here’s a simple and free solution: Create a free Teamup calendar at Teamup and embed it wherever you decide.

To make your embedded calendar look more seamless, you have many options to control how your calendar would look by appending the relevant link parameters to the embed link. You can use any of the supported link parameters such as

  • showLogo=0 to hide the logo since there may be already a logo on the page where the calendar is embedded.
  • showHeader=0 to hide the entire header.
  • showProfileAndInfo=0 to hide the user profile and info element in the top right hand corner.


The UN Web TV’s full schedule embedded into its website appends the following link parameters to the calendar link:


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