Zap of the Month: Create Teamup calendar events from new Trello cards

With Teamup’s Zapier integration, you can now instantly connect Teamup Calendar with 2,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

Trello is a great tool to manage projects. However, when you need to schedule tasks on Trello cards or plan jobs within a period of time, Trello comes short. Trello’s calendar Power-Up may be helpful to track your project deadlines but some of your jobs and ideas may not have clear deadlines. Wouldn’t it also be nice if you could add ideas to a Trello list and then be able to drag and drop to schedule them on a calendar? Teamup’s Zapier integration makes this possible. Imagine, you can collect ideas on a Trello list, add notes and update as the idea evolves. When you are ready to schedule them, simply drag-and-drop, copy or duplicate as needed. That way you can get the best of both: Keep adding ideas or unscheduled tasks to a Trello list while creating events on Teamup for each new card automatically. The events on Teamup can be easily scheduled later or integrated into your workflow.


How the Trello – Teamup integration works

  1. A new card is added to a list on Trello
  2. An event is created on your Teamup calendar

Apps involved:

How to set up this Zap:

1. Choose a Trello trigger New Card from a List

You’ll need to select both the Trello Board and the List from which new Teamup calendar events will be created. Optionally, you may filter the Trello cards.

2. Choose the Teamup action Create Event action after you have connected to your Teamup calendar with an API key and your calendar key.

This sample setup adds dynamic data, the name of the Trello card, to the ‘Event Title’. The actual values of the dynamic fields are automatically inserted when the Event is created on Teamup calendar.

Events on a Teamup calendar require a Start date and an End date, which you can add via dynamic time keywords ( e.g., ‘now’ or ‘now +1 hour’).

Now events will be automatically created on your Teamup calendar when new cards are added to your Trello list!

When to use this Zap

Here are a few examples:

  • Create events from new Trello cards to your calendar automatically.
  • Allow people to add ideas to a Trello card. For each new card on Trello, a new event is created automatically on a Teamup calendar on the day when it is added to Trello. Alternatively, set All Day to True and choose a specific date to ‘park’ them on that date on your calendar for future scheduling.

To create more Teamup zaps, start with the templates here.

If you’d like to get new events based on Trello’s Activity trigger instead, check out the premade Zap. Trello’s Activity trigger offers additional options (e.g., you can create new Teamup calendar events based on Trello cards created by a specific member of your team).

Are you preferring a vice-versa solution? Check out the Zap template for creating Trello cards from Teamup calendar events.

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