Coordinating Meal Delivery to Frontline Workers with Teamup

coordinating meal delivery to frontline workers

We Got This Seattle is a non-profit organization responding directly to the current COVID-19 situation. To help alleviate economic distress, they coordinate with local restaurants. Then they arrange to provide meals to frontline workers across Seattle. A Teamup calendar helps them schedule and manage meal delivery for these hard-working folks, while giving local restaurants a much-needed boost.

“We Got This Seattle has given almost 10,000 meals to frontline workers in and around Seattle.

Ellen Kuwana, founder, explains more:

“My goal is to feed all those involved in caring for COVID-19 patients: healthcare professionals of all levels, laboratory personnel, and other workers such as those in environmental health services who are cleaning the hospital—all these people are working hard to help our community during this COVID-19 crisis.”

Meal delivery takes coordination

Coordinating meal delivery for frontline workers and supporting local businesses

Managing, organizing, and scheduling meal delivery is a complex feat. Signe Burke of We Got This Seattle shared a glimpse of what the team does:

“We’re working with about 50 restaurants, over 150 frontline sites, a team of drivers, and several other volunteers. There are up to 10 deliveries a day, each of which requires us to track a pick-up time, drop-off time, number of meals, meal preferences (e.g. vegetarian), pricing, and other details between a restaurant, driver, and frontline site.”

It’s a lot to keep track of all these details, and ensure that everyone involved has the right information. The team at We Got This Seattle decided to use Teamup to coordinate meal delivery and make sure these frontline healthcare workers get fed.

“Teamup has made this possible. Logistics are extremely complicated. We are so grateful to have Teamup! It’s so easy to use and lets us know exactly what needs to be done with just a glance. We love the custom fields feature, which enables us to track the many details involved in each delivery. The color-coded custom calendars are great for tracking status. Thank you Teamup for making it easier for We Got This Seattle to give back to our community!”

See more about the key features used by We Got This Seattle:

Supporting local business

Meal delivery for frontline workers with Teamup

The focus of We Got This Seattle is twofold: supporting frontline workers, and supporting local businesses.

While everyone wants to stay healthy and keep each other safe, the economic burden of not being able to run your business is severe. By collecting donations and purchasing meals from local restaurants, then safely delivering meals, We Got This Seattle is helping restaurants survive and workers stay well-fed through their many hours of difficult work.

You can donate to We Got This Seattle here or learn more about their initiative here.

Many thanks to Signe Burke and Ellen Kuwana for sharing their story!

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