Mass Move Calendar Events to a Different Date

Move calendar events with this method

If you need to move multiple calendar events to a different date, doing so on the calendar can be slow. You can use this method to change the dates of many calendar events in a more efficient way. You’ll use the import/export feature, and make the date changes in the Excel file rather than on the calendar.

To use this method, you will need administrator access to the calendar, in a web browser, so you can access the calendar settings.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings > Export Events.
  2. Choose the .csv file format. This will export your events in a spreadsheet format.
  3. Choose the calendars and date range for the events you wish to export.
  4. Export the events to the .csv file. See more details here.
  5. Open the downloaded .csv file and change the event dates in the appropriate column of the spreadsheet.
  6. Save the updated version of the spreadsheet.
  7. Go to Settings > Import Events.
  8. Choose the .csv file format to import your spreadsheet.
  9. Choose a new calendar name for the imported events. See more details here.
  10. Choose your updated spreadsheet to import the events back to the calendar with the changed dates.

Note: all events imported from a file will be put on a single calendar. If you wish to work with events from multiple calendars, you can repeat this process separately for each calendar, so that the events will stay on separate calendars.

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