Share and Promote Events on Social Media

Whether you want to share an event invitation with a small group of friends, or promote an event to a large group or an entire community, you can do so easily with Teamup.

Teamup calendars have built-in options for sharing any individual event independently, even if you do not want to share the calendar itself. With these sharing options, you can share and promote events one at a time.

In this post we focus on sharing on social media. It’s easy on both mobile devices and from a web browser.

Share an event as a page

First, a quick look at sharing an event as a webpage. This powerful feature is built into Teamup. Simply create your event as usual, including all the details and images you want, then click on the Share menu (web) or tap on the Share icon (mobile). Choose As page (web) or Browser (mobile) and a stand-alone event page will automatically be created. It will contain all the event details, event fields, and images and files that you included with the event.

Further, whenever you update or modify the event in your calendar, the event page will automatically be updated. You can copy and paste the event page URL (link) anywhere, or you can use the options below to share and promote your event via social media.

Using Teamup mobile apps

Sharing options on the Teamup mobile app
The sharing options on Teamup’s mobile app

To share and promote an event via social media on mobile, open the event. Tap the Sharing icon in the top right corner, then choose the social media platform you wish to use. The sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. You can also choose Another app, which will open a menu of apps you have on your phone.

Once you pick your social media platform, you’ll be able to choose the recipients and add a message before you send the event information.


You can share with individuals or with groups, so it’s easy to promote an event to a group you’re part of on social media. You can also create customized groups before you share the event; perhaps you want to share conference agenda with a list of participants, or promote a follow-up workshop to select clients. Simply create the group or thread in the social media platform you wish to use, then follow the steps above to share the event with that group.

Using a web browser

To share an event on social media from the web browser, open the event. Tap the Share menu, then choose the social media platform you want to use: Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. As on mobile, you’ll be able to choose the recipients and add a message before you publish the event to social media.

Alternately, you can choose the As Page option, which will open up the stand-alone event page. Then you can copy and paste the event page link to any social media platform you wish to use. The event page link is helpful for event promotion, as well: you can use it to create prescheduled social media updates, to share with another calendar, or to include in a newsletter or blog post. The event page will automatically update whenever you change the event in the calendar, so the information stays updated for everyone.

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