Teamup Enables Self-Managing Teens for This Busy Family

Using Teamup to coordinate a busy family calendar and community involvement.

With Teamup Calendar, every member of your team or family can become self-managing and more efficient. Keep it simple and stay coordinated with Teamup.

Managing life for a busy family is its own special challenge. Every individual has their own tasks and events to keep up with. There are multiple areas to oversee: work, family, household, community involvement, hobbies, sports, and more. And, of course, every person in a family has their own priorities and preferences.

We hear from many families who have found Teamup to be a huge help for communicating with each other, keeping family life organized, and managing multiple schedules.

Here’s a story that one happy Teamup user shared with us recently:

The challenge

We are a family of three busy teenagers, two working parents, a family regularly involved in the community! As a family of five, life can be rather hectic, to say the least!

Before our boys got their drivers’ licences, they relied on us to get them to their numerous commitments: sports events, work, art, music, charity and social events, to name a few. Our boys at that stage did not operate their own Google calendar or the like.

Teamup has enabled us to simplify communication and confusion, and have a very clear view of who has what going on, who needs to be where, and when.

The solution

We encourage our three boys to be self managers, and TeamUp has been a big part of enabling this.

Our messaging to our boys was, “If it’s not in the Teamup calendar, don’t count on us being able to take you!” They learned very quickly to make sure their various events were in our Teamup Calendar!

Each of us has our own color-coded sub-calendar, and all of us have Modifier access permission, so we can add, remove, and amend events as needed.

Using Teamup to coordinate a busy family calendar and community involvement.
Color-coded sub-calendars make it easy to see each person’s events at a glance.

As a firm advocate of this wonderful resource, we have applied it to various not-for-profit organisations we are involved in, including Western Bay of Plenty Army Cadet Forces and TS Chatham Navy Cadets.

Both organizations now use Teamup to plan all the numerous events they have throughout the year, and to keep all their cadets and their parents informed. Cadet parents love being able to refer to the Teamup Calendar and plan ahead, incorporating those activities into their own schedules.

Using Teamup to coordinate a busy family calendar and community involvement.
With the Yearly view, view from 1 to 12 months at a time for a high-level look at events for the whole family.

We’ve also shared Teamup with the Tauranga Breast Cancer Support Service Trust. They now utilise Teamup for patient bookings for the variety of services they provide, and love the simplicity of it. We also share our knowledge of the Teamup Calendar app with as many other parents as we can, so they too can encourage their children to be self-managers like our three boys.

We have self-managing teenage boys and stress free parents! Plus helping several organisations – so many uses and applications! Thank you. So glad to have it in our lives!

The features that make it work

  • Color-coded sub-calendars: The ability to assign individual sub-calendars, and use color-coding to differentiate between individuals or areas, makes it easy to find the relevant events on the calendar at a glance.
  • Mobile apps: With Teamup mobile apps for iOS and Android, the whole family can keep up with their calendar no matter where they are. If someone changes an event on their shared calendar, everyone can see the updated information.
  • Access permissions: The not-for-profit organizations can easily create a read-only link to share their calendar with parents, students, and other individuals who need to see the schedule, but don’t need to add or edit the events.
  • Event sharing options: with a full menu of event sharing options on mobile, and built-in sharing options from the browser, it’s easy to share individual events with friends, extended family, or people involved in the community as needed.
  • Event comments: this family can use the event comments to discuss events or work out details on timing or transportation, and keep it all in one place so everyone knows where to look for information.
  • Calendar views: With the yearly view, they can get a high-level view of all the scheduled events and activities for any period of months (set the view from 1 to 12 months at a time). And the multi-week view, set to show 8 weeks at a time, makes it easier to do planning for the current and the upcoming month at the same time.

Thanks to this Happy Teamup User for sharing your story!

Header photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash.

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