Consolidate Multiple Teamup Master Calendars into One View

Sometimes a single Teamup master calendar is not enough. If you’re managing multiple teams, working with a large organization, overseeing many projects, or using Teamup calendars for work, personal, hobby, and community purposes, you may work with several master calendars. And if that’s the case, you’ll probably want to consolidate multiple calendars into one view.

Otherwise, you’re busy clicking from one tab to another, trying to monitor everything.

Instead of clicking through tabs, set up a single overview for all the master calendars you need to see.

How to set up an Overview Calendar

  1. Create a new Teamup calendar–or designate one you’re already using–to be your “Overview Calendar.”
  2. For each master calendar you want to add, follow these steps:
    • Get the iCalendar feed URL for the master calendar. Click the blue menu button in the top right corner of your calendar. Select Preferences > iCalendar Feeds. A list of sub-calendars will open, with an iCalendar feed URL for each one. At the bottom of the list is an iCalendar feed URL for all sub-calendars. Copy the iCalendar feed URL you wish you use.
    • Set up a new iCalendar feed in your Overview Calendar. You’ll need to open the Overview Calendar with your administrator link. Go to Settings > Calendars. Click the blue New button in the top right and select Add iCalendar feed. Name the feed, choose the color, and paste in the iCalendar feed URL.

Once you set up an iCalendar feed for each master calendar, you’ll have a central Overview Calendar: one calendar to rule them all!

Note that iCalendar feeds are read-only; you’ll see a lock icon indicating the read-only status. To make changes to the events, you’ll need to open the event in the master calendar.

Make your overview even better

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