Using Teamup on Mobile? Access Your Calendar on a Computer, Too

Teamup Calendar is an online calendar which you can access in any browser and on most platforms, or via our iOS app and Android app. If you created a Teamup Calendar using one of the mobile apps, you can open your calendar on a computer. It’s easy to do so.

All you need to open your calendar in the browser on a PC is your calendar link. There is no log on needed to access your calendar.

There are several ways to find your calendar’s administrator link:

  • Email: When you first created your Teamup Calendar, you would have received an email with the calendar’s administrator link in it. On your computer, search your email inbox for an email with the subject line of “[Teamup Support] Your new calendar.” Open the email and click on the administrator link inside. Your calendar will open in your browser. Bookmark the link to access your calendar anytime on your computer.
  • Mobile App: Open your calendar dashboard in your app (from the left side panel) and click the three dots next to your calendar listing. Copy the link and send it to your computer, via messaging, shared notes, or email, for example. See here for an article demonstrating the dashboard in the Android app and here in the iOS app. Then click on the link from your computer to open your calendar in a browser.
  • Calendar Link Recovery Tool: If you cannot locate your administrator link in your email or in the mobile app, use our Calendar Link Recovery Tool to retrieve your calendar link.
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