The Power of the Universal In-Tray

Get control of all the open loops in your life with a universal in-tray, per GTD methodology. Here's a quick guide and examples with...
3 min read

Better Version Control in Collaboration with Teamup

Team work and projects require a great degree of collaboration. But it can be difficult to keep all the information straight when working with...
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When to Use One Big Master Calendar Instead of Multiple Master Calendars

When setting up your Teamup Calendar, you may need many sub-calendars. In some cases, it’s better to have separate master calendars; in others, a...
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Stay Calm and Holiday On: 7 Ways to Enjoy the Season with Less Stress

Enjoy the holidays with less stress and more fun. These tips and strategies can help you handle busyness, tension, or an overloaded calendar. More...
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How to Use Teamup’s Color-Coded Sub-Calendars

Use sub-calendars and folder organization to manage your schedule with a lot less stress.
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