Conference management

How to Use Custom Event Fields to Make Your Business More Efficient

Make your business more efficient by creating custom event fields that capture or display the information that matters. Less hassle, more consistency. Event fields...
5 min read

How Teamup Supports the Global WINConference with Convenient, Updated Conference Agenda

With powerful features and customization, a Teamup Calendar was the right choice for keeping conference participants updated easily, in real-time. About the WIN Conference...
3 min read

How to Manage a Complex Schedule with Teamup

You can customize how you use your Teamup calendar so that managing a complex schedule is easier for you and your entire group. 
4 min read

Organize and Coordinate a Complex Conference Schedule

Keep a comprehensive overview; sort the schedule by multiple categories; and control and update shared information.
5 min read

Enable Signups on Your Events for Reservations, Workshops, and More

Use this simple feature to see attendees and set limits on how many signups are allowed for each event.
2 min read