How this Nonprofit Schedules Therapy Pet Outreach with Teamup

We recently heard from Rebecca Pyle, President & CEO of Nashville Therapy Pets, about how they’re using Teamup to schedule community outreach and allow volunteers to sign up for events. Before switching to Teamup, they tried other solutions that generated frustration and required time-consuming manual work. Here’s what Rebecca shared about their experience using Teamup for outreach and volunteer scheduling.

“We are a non-profit, 100% volunteer group that has therapy pets. We go out into our community 5-6 days a week to visit various facilities around town including senior living facilities, schools, businesses, the airport, and anywhere else that asks us to come, just to brighten people’s days!

Teamup has been awesome for me from a management perspective.

The calendar system we used previously had so many user error issues. Most of our visits are on rotations and many members had issues being signed up automatically for repeat visits they did not plan on attending. Several users also had issues signing up at all or getting the calendar to link properly or even view it on their phones.

Every time I added a new member, I’d have to spend 30-45 minutes inviting them to each individual event on our calendar. And even though the invite was only supposed to go to the new member, other members would be notified of an event change, even though there was no change to the event itself, just the invite list. We averaged close to 8 visits a week then, so I’d have to do that close to 40 times each time we added a new member to make sure the new member could see each event every month. Since then we’ve grown, and are averaging 10-12 visits a week now, so that process would be even worse if we had stayed with our old calendar system.

I researched several calendar options. I could not find a single other calendar that allowed me to simply add a user and let them see everything on our calendar without having to add them to individual events. No other calendar was as easy for me to set-up from an admin perspective as Teamup. The app is also very easy to use and customizable, which I love. I really only need a calendar that is easy to use and easy to add new members to and does not automatically sign people up for repeating visits until the end of time.

Teamup is so much better. I simply add the new user and they can see all of our events.

I’ve never had someone accidentally sign-up for a recurring event. It’s easy to use for my older members and my young members love the Teamup app. It’s been such a relief for me from a management perspective and saved me so much time and headache! Most of my members have told me how much they love the calendar system now. It’s been so great for all of us.

We absolutely love Teamup!”

We’re so glad that Teamup is helpful for Rebecca and all the volunteers providing comfort and joy in their community. See more user stories about Teamup in action.

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