December Update: Fresh starts, calendar duplication, and managing complex schedules

For the December monthly update, we’re sharing some help for starting out fresh in the new year. Plus, learn about the new calendar duplication feature and get some ideas for managing complex schedules and sharing resources. As always, you can grab free printable blank calendars for the next month and quarter. Happy holidays and happy new year!

1. Highlight: Starting fresh in 2024

printable monthly calendar in 2 styles

As we close out the past year, it’s a good time to look forward, consider our priorities, and make plans to start fresh with room to grow in 2024. Sometimes it’s easiest to work things out on paper. That’s why we’ve created a collection of blank printable calendars and planners. Whether you want to get a handle on your daily schedule, set the weekly rhythms, or plan out the months or long-term projects ahead, you’ll find a calendar or scheduling template to help. You can also create your own customized blank calendars and planners.

2. Teamup on the web

Roundup: 15 Best Shared Calendar Apps for Scheduling Online for 2024

From Envato Tuts, here’s a roundup of the best shared calendar apps to use in the coming year. Teamup takes #5 on the list.

“Teamup is indeed different from other calendars. It was designed to be an online group calendar, helping to easily plan things like meeting room times, delivery truck schedules, and work crews.”

3. December’s power tips from the Teamup Ticker

3 calendars for a more organized year

Manage tasks, set up for short-term projects, and get your scheduling under control with these calendars.

3 options for viewing event edit history

Here are 3 ways to see event edit history: who created an event and when, as well as who last modified the event and when.


Save an event as a PDF from Teamup’s mobile app

On Teamup’s mobile app, you can save an event as a PDF file for later reference, printing, or sharing.

Create space in the sidebar control panel

Need a little more room for that long calendar list? Here are a few ways to get some space in the sidebar.


Capture and share job information with multiple teams

See how to ensure all the information for a job is accessible to everyone involved, and enable team members to keep good documentation without security risks.

4. Product updates and news

We’ve added a new feature: you can now duplicate a Teamup calendar, generating a new Teamup calendar with copied sub-calendars and/or basic settings. Calendar events and sharing settings are not included in the copied calendar. This feature is only available to calendar administrators.


5. New user stories

Manage complex academic scheduling with hybrid programs

Read the story: Arcadia University

Bre Taylor, MPH Program Support Specialist with the Department of Physical Therapy at Arcadia University, explains how they use Teamup to schedule a Doctor of Physical Therapy program that supports over 250 students. With both on-campus and hybrid entry-level programs and a PhD program, the academic scheduling gets complicated.

Volunteer scheduling and resource sharing

Read the story: Warwickshire Hearts

Here’s how a group of volunteer first responders is using Teamup for resource sharing. It’s a better WhatsApp alternative for visible volunteer scheduling and booking shared vehicles, spaces, and equipment.

6. Inspiration: Organize nonprofit partners and fundraising efforts

It takes effort from many people to ensure that humanitarian organizations can keep doing good work. The larger the mission and broader the reach, the more important it is for internal teams to be organized, communicating well, and able to collaborate. Here’s how Teamup can help, as a fundraising calendar to streamline nonprofit scheduling and event planning, plus make it easier to collaborate with nonprofit partners.

Continue reading: Organized nonprofit scheduling

7. User feedback favorites from December

8. Blank printable calendars

We’ve updated our collection of free printable blank calendars with a selection of blank 2024 calendars and planners. You can download, print, and use the pre-made calendar templates or create your own customized blank calendars and planners.

2024 Printable Blank Calendars and Planners

From the main printables page, you can access daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly blank calendar templates and planners. Or use our helpful widget to create a new blank calendar and create your own customized blank calendars, schedulers, and planners for the new year.

Current printable blank calendars:

📰 See all December tickersNew tickers are added daily, so don’t forget to check them out. The easiest might be to click the ⓘ icon in the top right corner on your calendar. See also tips and ways to access the Ticker calendar to keep up with all things Teamup.

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