Access Your Calendar in the Mobile App

Access your Teamup calendar in the mobile app

You can access your Teamup calendar on the Teamup mobile app for iOS or Android. Or, if you have been invited as a user to a Teamup calendar, or if you have a calendar link, you can access those calendars on the Teamup mobile apps, as well.

Access your calendar on mobile app

After you download the Teamup mobile app (for iOS or Android), open it. On the welcome screen, there are three options to access your Teamup calendar in the mobile app:

  1. If you already have a Teamup user account, tap Log in.
  2. If you do not have a Teamup user account, tap Sign up. You can then add your calendar to your dashboard.
  3. Access your calendar without a user account: select Continue without account.

When to access your calendar on the mobile app

Many organizations, groups, and individuals need calendar access on-the-go. It’s easier to stay updated when you can see your calendar on mobile, update events, see schedule changes, and more.

  • For delivery crews and workers on the move, use Teamup mobile apps to see the next delivery or service location.
  • Use event comments to keep notes, ask questions, or leave time-stamped logs.
  • Check time-off requests and schedule changes for shift workers or volunteer crews from anywhere.
  • Coordinate last-minute bookings for shared resources or spaces.
  • Manage appointment and meeting slots for yourself or your team.
  • Quickly check in on team progress on projects, and leave notes or comments as needed.

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