How to Use and Enable Event Signup

How to use and enable event signup

Do you need a better way to plan and organize events? Do you need to collect participant information for an event? Or perhaps you need to limit the number of people who can signup for an event. No problem. Here’s how to use and enable event signups on your Teamup calendar.

How to use and enable event signup

Note: you will only be able to do this with Modify or Administrator level access.

  • From your calendar, open the event.
  • Select Options > Signup.

Now you can customize the signups for your event:

  • Set a signup deadline. The default is 24 hours before the event.
  • Set a maximum number. Or toggle off maximum number if you do not wish to limit participants.
  • Choose who can view signups: All users or Users with modify permission.

See more details about event signups → 

When to use and enable event signup

Limit signups to use a shared space or resource

  • Enable event signups and set a maximum number.
  • Prevent overbooking for a space with limited occupancy.
  • Use on the Teamup mobile apps or in a browser.

Encourage signups for an online class or workshop

Collect and save participant information

  • Collect name and emails from signups.
  • Easily export the signup list from your event.
  • Follow up with event participants for feedback and more.

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