You Can Now Export Signups for All Events

Export all signups from all events or from selected sub-calendars

Teamup has always offered the ability to export the signups for a single event, from the event editor. Once there are signups on an event, an export link appears above the signup list:

Export signups from a single event
Use the Export link over the list of Signups.

Teamup now includes the capability to export signups for all events. You can find this option in the calendar Settings. Since this feature is not frequently needed, it is a bit hidden.

Here is how to use it:

  1. Go to Settings > Export Events.
  2. In the Export Format, choose Comma Separated Values (.csv).
Export signups from all events on Teamup Calendar
You can choose the calendars and date ranges you want to include.
  1. Scroll to Advanced Options and click Show.
  2. Check the box to Export signups instead of events.
  3. Choose the calendars and date range as desired, then click Export.

Export signups from all events on a Teamup Calendar


Header photo by Web Summit Flickr via Compfight cc.

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