Use Link Parameters for More Customized Calendar

Use link parameters for a customized calendar

A link parameter is a snippet that goes at the end of your calendar link. You can use link parameters to overwrite global settings, so you can use a more customized calendar without changing the calendar settings.

Use link parameters for a more customized calendar

The global settings, such as default calendar view and language, may not be quite right for all calendar users. But it may not make sense to change these settings, either. Link parameters provide a way to customize the calendar experience. Add a link parameter to a calendar link to adjust specific settings for individual needs or specific uses.

Link parameters can customize various aspects of your calendar:

  • the date on which the calendar opens
  • the calendar view
  • the language
  • the timezone
  • show or hide side panel
  • and many other options

See a full list of possible link parameters →

When to use link parameters for a customized calendar

Save a specific calendar view for future planning

For a guest user with limited access

Create a custom calendar view for display

See more ideas for using link parameters to create a more customized calendar.

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