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Black Jaguar Foundation - the largest reforestation project

The Black Jaguar Foundation has one clear objective: planting indigenous trees on a massive scale to help realize the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in order to improve the lives of each of us and of all future generations on our planet.

The Black Jaguar Foundation started in 2009 with an initial goal of making a unique documentary about the black jaguar in the wild – a dream of initiator Ben Valks. After witnessing the drastically deforested Amazon, Valks and the BJF expanded the mission to restoring the Amazon rainforest and Cerrado Savanna. Instead of being the focus of the foundation, the black jaguar came to be its icon. It symbolizes the precarious future of the entire Amazon and Cerrado as well as the endangerment of our own species.

The Black Jaguar Foundation is already seeing success with their work:

“So far, the results of our first reforested areas are very hopeful. The surviving rate of the seedlings is very high (above average) and they develop very well.”

Teamup is proud to be a key tool for this important mission through a team agenda, used in the daily operations of the Black Jaguar Foundation:

“As far as the Teamup calendar is concerned, this has proven to be a very valuable tool for us, allowing us to get a good idea about the appointments we all have and keep track of any ongoing important issues. Because our agenda’s are getting fuller and fuller it is very reassuring we do have something like Teamup to get a good overview.”

There are many new and encouraging developments for BJF. They are establishing important sponsorships, finding like-minded partners, and creating a Donate-a-tree program on their website. Additionally, their Green Capital Study has been finished. This thorough study performed by scientists from several universities (Univ. of Illinois, Univ. of São Paulo, and several independent research teams) quantifies the cost/benefit analysis of the BJF project. The results are published on the BJF website.

All these developments require collaboration and coordination. It means the team agenda gets fuller and fuller. Staying coordinated and organized becomes ever more important.

“It is so nice we can even put links to video-calls in the event details, whether our middleman is located in Holland, somewhere else in Europe or even in Brazil or the USA! I don’t think I exaggerate when I say that Teamup is of great help to us and we would be disabled without this program! I sincerely invite you and everyone from Teamup to take a look at our website and see how we, and with us all of our partners and members (including Teamup!) contribute to a greener world for us and our future generations!”

We are proud to be contributing to such an important initiative.

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