How Does the Corona Virus Change Our Working Lives?

This is a translated version of this article by Adria Media Zagreb, originally published in Croatian.

Fear and anxiety about COVID-19 has forced many companies in Croatia to work remotely. For both employers and employees, this is a challenge. How can we ‘successfully’ work from home? What is good practice to optimize working hours? How to communicate effectively within a team? How to manage deadlines for internal online appointments and online meetings with clients? And how remain productive as part of a remote team?

Due to the current epidemiological situation in the country and to protect employees’ health, most Croatian companies have decided to enable working from home. Among them is also our company, Adria Media Zagreb, the leading publishing company in Croatian lifestyle magazine market. Our company introduced a temporary and, for us, unusual way of business activity and facilitated the workflow of its employees with digital tools.

Staying organized at a time when COVID-19 has forced many companies, institutions, and schools to temporarily close their doors is a challenge that faces many employees, educators, and students.

One innovative online platform, Teamup Calendar, supports remote business and learning because it greatly facilitates organization, schedule coordination and internal communication within the team. Teamup is simple, flexible and efficient.

Teamup is not a common calendar (like the ones we might use through Outlook or Google systems). It is designed specifically for groups, to help them manage time and resources. Organizations can easily create a calendar, add users (employees) and, for more fluent and easier communication, establish groups for different departments. The aim is even more efficient business and team functioning.

The administrator manages the calendar centrally and has access to the schedule of the entire team and each of its members. Individual members have access only to each of their individual schedules, respecting the principle of discretion among employees. Teamup calendar offers an interface with clear graphical elements. Color-coded sub-calendars offer ‘visually differentiated’ team members. Various display options make Teamup extremely user-friendly in day-to-day work in ‘normal’ conditions. In these times when companies must work with difficult and limited internal communication Teamup can help them continue in their businesses.

Discover how Teamup has helped employees, institutions, and companies around the world to stay organized, informed and calmed in their (internal) work process during coronavirus outbreak.

Remember, good organization is ‘half of the done work.’ Therefore, rely on digital tools in your day-to-day business and encourage your employees to use them.

“Yes, the Corona crisis has forced us to practice slightly different workflow and a kind of digital transformation. But, as our publishing house is also known as a leader in innovating due to the further development and market-driven synergy of our international brands, we will use this situation to further implement online practice and educate our employees and associates regarding further digital business models and systems. Teamup platform is certainly one of them and it has helped us for managing our business during the Coronavirus crisis.”

Many thanks to the entire team at Adria Media Zagreb for sharing your story.

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