Use Event Template to Quickly Select Multiple Sub-Calendars

Use a template event to select a group of sub-calendars

You may have a group of sub-calendars which you frequently use for events. For example, perhaps you have 10 sub-calendars in one region. Every time you create a calendar event for that region, you wish to include all 10 regional sub-calendars. It can be tiresome to select multiple sub-calendars individually, especially when you are creating many events for them.

You can make it easier by using a “template event.” Here’s how:

  1. Create a template event with a title that is easy to remember for your purpose (e.g., Western Region). Assign all the appropriate sub-calendars to that event.
  2. Make the template event an all-day event: this way it will always show at the top of your calendar’s time grid, and be easy to spot.
  3. Set the template event to repeat: daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on which calendar view you normally use. The idea is to make it easy to find the template when you need it.
    • You can also use the filters to search by keyword. So if you title the event something like Western Region Template you can search for those keywords anytime to pull up the template event.
  4. To use the template, right-click on it and choose Copy to from the menu. Then choose Today or any other date from the pop-up calendar, and the template event will be duplicated on the specified date. You won’t have to select multiple sub-calendars, because the copied event will already include the selected sub-calendars.

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