Manage Multiple Users with Same Calendar Access

Manage multiple users of your calendar with a group.

When you provide calendar access to account-based users, you can control the type of calendar access precisely. For each user, you determine which sub-calendars they can access, and what permission level they have for the sub-calendars. When you need to manage multiple users, and give them the same calendar access, you can use a group.

Groups are an easy way to organize and manage multiple users. If you have multiple individuals who need the same kind of calendar access, create a group. Then you can set the calendar permissions for the entire group, and add or remove individual users from the group as needed.

To follow these steps, open your calendar in a browser with administration access.

  • To create a group, go to Settings > Sharing.
  • Click on Create Group.
  • Configure the group permissions: choose the sub-calendars to include (All or Selected). Then set the level of access permission for All sub-calendars (globally) or for each sub-calendar individually.
  • In the Group Members section, use the drop-down menu to add the appropriate account-based users to the group.

Now, if you need to update the way these users can access the calendar, you can do so for all of them at one time by updating the group permissions. You can also manage multiple users in the group as needed, adding to or removing from the group when appropriate.

If you want to create a group first, and then add account-based users to your calendar and to the group, you can do so. Simply create the group as explained above, then save the group without adding any users to it yet.

Then, as you add individual account-based users, use the Group menu at the bottom of each individual user’s details. Select the appropriate group, and the user will be added to it.

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