Keep Internal Notes on Events and Projects

Clear, accessible records of events and projects make your work and life much easier. When you can quickly reference a conversation, note, or other data, you can make decisions quickly. Clear records help resolve customer conflicts and enable workers to move forward as needed. You can keep internal notes on your Teamup Calendar by using the event description, event comments, and custom event fields.

Keep Internal Notes

  • Use the event description box: The description box is a fully functional text editor. Not only can you leave notes, details, and instructions here, but you can also drop links, and upload photos, images, documents, and other files. If the calendar event is only being modified by one or two people, keeping all notes in the event description box can work well. If more people are involved, however, it can be confusing to keep all notes from multiple people in the description box. In that case, use event comments or custom event fields.
  • Use event comments: If you wish to keep certain notes or data hidden from some users, you can use event comments as internal notes. Enable comments, then set the comments to be visible only for users with modify permission. Calendar users with read-only or add-only permission will not be able to see the comments. You can then use the event comments as internal notes. Each comment is automatically date and time-stamped, as well. Since event comments are saved with the calendar event, they’re easy to find when you need to review your inputs or data for a particular event or project.
  • Use custom event fields: If you need to collect the same type of information, or ensure that certain data is always noted, custom event fields are an excellent choice for internal notes. You can create an event field with single-choice or multiple-choice options, pre-filling the options with the information you need to collect. Then the calendar user only has to select the appropriate option(s). Alternately, you can use single-line text entry for an event field, if pre-filled options don’t work for your needs. Make any event field required to ensure that the needed data is collected.

Note that uploading images and files to your Teamup Calendar is a feature available to Premium users. Basic and Plus users can insert images and links from a Dropbox account. The number of custom fields you can create varies by pricing plan.

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