The Central Ohio Dance Calendar

ohio square dance calendar

Feedback from an enthusiastic Teamup user who created videos to help his community make the best use of the Central Ohio Dance Calendar.

What is more satisfying for product developers than happy customers? We are grateful to so many users around the world who spread words, share their experience and even go extra miles to create learning material to teach others how to use Teamup.

Here are some wonderful words from Ray, an enthusiastic Teamup user who manages a square dance community and takes care of the Central Ohio Dance website:

LOVE LOVE LOVE your calendar! I’m using your Premium Level calendar on this site:

And it’s doing *everything* I want it to do. Hell, it’s doing things I didn’t even *know* it could do. (All good things, mind you. Well, ok, when y’all can get those custom fields to populate to the app, I won’t have *anything* to bitch about.)

Besides embedding the calendar into his website, Ray created videos to help his users get around the calendar and make the fullest use of the calendar:


Thank you so much Ray! You are awesome!


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