How to Have All Your Calendars in One Place with No Fuss

Teamup inbound iCalendar feeds

Update, March 2019: We’ve added lots of features and made significant improvements and updates since this announcement. Check our monthly updates, read more about iCalendar feeds, or learn how to consolidate multiple calendars into a single view with Teamup.

Teamup now integrates with any calendars that provide iCalendar feeds in the .ics format. Any new feed will be added as a read-only sub-calendar to your Teamup Calendar.  It will inherit all Teamup features and functionality such as assigning individual access, etc. Click here to see a live demo.

This important feature opens up the possibility to be the go-to calendar to view schedules and plans in one place, regardless if they are administered by your group or just for-information-only events organized by someone else: Simply subscribe to the iCalendar feeds you need and you’ll have the all in one calendar view. No more re-creating events that are administered or updated elsewhere – the updates get automatically synchronized to your Teamup!

Here are a couple of ways our new feature will make your life easier.

Group calendars

Whether you’ve been using Teamup to schedule jobs, book meeting rooms, or track your team, chances are Teamup is only a small part of what’s happening in your group.

Salima, a researcher at Grenoble Alpes University in France, shared how he uses the inbound iCalendar feed:

I created a Teamup calendar for managing room reservations. On the other hand, we organize different seminars in one of the rooms. I use the seminar calendar feed to automatically book the conference room.

Why not populate your Teamup Calendar with other useful information such as:

  • public holiday calendars and other interesting calendars, such as those available through Google Calendar and other sources.
  • events or availability calendar maintained at another calendar system, such as Google Calendar.
  • calendars from other apps you use, such as Trello boards (see how to use Trello with Teamup)
  • relevant calendars of other departments or teams, especially if they are also on Teamup Calendar
  • other calndars from your company, wider industry or area that are published somewhere else.

All-in-one Personal Calendar

Before we created Teamup, we were constantly juggling schedules, planners, and calendars for all our activities. With Teamup being able to consume iCalendar feeds, now we can keep all our activities in one place and be confident that they’re always up to date and easily accessible to those who need to see them – Anyone can create a free Teamup Calendar!

What calendars would you like to integrate into your Teamup Calendar? How about…

  • your personal calendar, e.g. a Google Calendar
  • your team calendar at work
  • your Trello calendars from one or more Trello boards
  • your Facebook events and birthdays calendar
  • other apps you use that have a scheduling element and provide .ics feeds, such as basecamp.
  • the school or extra-curriculum calendars of your kids
  • Schedules and calendars for any professional or personal activities, such as sports clubs, charity work, or even holiday planning.

How would you use the new iCalendar feed feature?  We welcome your thoughts and questions. Drop us a note any time at

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