How Teamup Helps Pavement Company Schedule Jobs for People Who Build and Repair Our Roads

Crew scheduling for asphalt pavement business

Teamup user story from Teresa Ortiz, Holbrook Asphalt, USA:

A year ago  we were using Google Calendar.

In our business, this calendar is almost our Bible. Myself and another person schedule all of our jobs on this calendar. In the summer, it is crazy.  We need the different colors to signify the type of work we are doing.  We might be doing a sealcoat on asphalt, or just crackfill.

We have 3 superintendents who have access to the calendar and the colors help them to know what is coming up, and to prepare the crew assignments.  So our “calendars” are actually just different jobs.

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When we switched a few months back to Office 365, the calendar was an absolute disaster.  Not having colors, our crews (who can log in and view it) and our superintendents were always confused.  It was very hard to organize our days.  We went back to the Google calendar but when we did, all but one of us lost the ability to see color. It was another disaster.

I started to do a search for a calendar that would meet our needs. Teamup was perfect!

I tried it out with our crews and supers, and everyone loved it. Then, we figured out that we could actually put our crews into the “more” feature of the calendar, and they could view it in list view and see their schedule for the week.  This eliminated an entire process that we went through for crew scheduling.   Additionally, we have one person who orders all of our product for sealcoat.  Now he can have access to only the “calendar” that pertains to him.  Everyone can see what they need, and we can eliminate anything that would only confuse them.  We have been able to customize a calendar view for each different group, and the two of us in the office are the only ones who see the entire thing, and the only ones who can edit.

Each week, as we put our crew schedules in, we make comments about how awesome this calendar is for us.

Keep it up!

Thank you so much Teresa for sharing the story!  It is wonderful to hear Teamup could help organize your business and simplify your crew scheduling.  We are pleased for the impact our work makes and smile because your team thinks our product is awesome.  Thank you again!