How American Students Studying Abroad in Spain Get Organized with Teamup

American students in Spain get organized with Teamup

Story from Darcy York, Barcelona Study Abroad Experience, Spain

We are a study abroad program in Barcelona, Spain and are working with students that come from all over the US to study abroad.

Studying abroad students get organized with TeamupWe have had a hard time finding a way to let students know about events, meeting points, and activities in the past – this is one tool where we can keep everyone organized, share with them only the calendar they need to see, and no one needs to have an account or log in.

It has been SO HELPFUL in getting our students organized and participation in the activities has never been higher!

The best about Teamup is the simple design that is clean and professional. Ease of use. Sharing capabilities without people needing a log in.  Sharing specific calendars is most useful.

We love you guys!!

Thank you Darcy for sharing!  The student photos on your website provide a very interesting window into the activities the students are participating.  They all look like having great experience in Barcelona!  Best wishes to you, your team, and the students!

Photos by BCN participating students Greg Travers and Allie Gowen.


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