User Account

8 Reasons You’ll Love Having a Teamup User Account

Make the most of Teamup with a free user account. Benefits include convenience, security, syncing, event reminders, and more.
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3 min read

How to Log Out of All Devices Connected to User Account

How to find out on which device you are logged on and how to logout.
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0 sec read

Teamup Now Supports User Accounts

The Teamup team is pleased to bring you an exciting development: user accounts. Anyone can create a Teamup user account. User accounts are optional;...
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2 min read

What is the calendar dashboard?

Your calendar dashboard remembers all your calendars for you and is accessible from any browser. It's available with a free Teamup user account.
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46 sec read

What are user accounts?

Teamup user accounts are a way to access all your Teamup calendars in one place and to set and manage event reminders.
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36 sec read
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