Repeating events

How to Make Weekend Exceptions for Monthly Events

Drag any exception in the recurring event series to where it needs to be. Use the year view to easily see all exceptions one...
41 sec read

Use Lead Time Zone for Repeating Events to Avoid Event Time Confusion

It's the time of the year that many regions around the world are starting the Daylight Saving Time. For repeating events, it's important to...
57 sec read

5 Ways to Make Your Teamup Calendar Work for You

These five power moves will make your calendar work for you (instead of the other way around). Customize how you use your Teamup Calendar...
4 min read

What is a recurring event?

A recurring or repeating event is simply any event that you will occur more than once on your calendar. Rather than creating an event...
1 min read

How to Create and Customize Repeating Events

Create and customize repeating events in your Teamup calendar. There are many options to make recurring events as useful as possible.
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