Quick tips

Change the Language on Your Calendar

Teamup calendar supports over 20 languages, with more being added all the time. If you wish to change the language for your calendar, here’s...
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View Calendar Week Without Time Grid

The standard Week view in Teamup includes a time grid so you can see your calendar events in the correct time slot. All-day events,...
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Filter by Event Field in Calendar

When you need to quickly find a certain event, or see events that have a certain characteristic (such as place, time, topic, or people...
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Use Link Parameter to Hide Weekends

Link parameters are short snippets you can add to any shareable calendar link for a customized view. We’ve just added a new link parameter to hide...
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Use Agenda View for Event Details

A calendar view is a feature that enables you to choose how you see your calendar. Teamup provides several unique calendar views: day, multi-day, week, multi-week,...
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Illustrated: Account Users vs. Shareable Links

If you are a calendar administrator, have you discovered the new user account-based access control? It brings many new benefits such as better security,...
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How to Print Calendar or Event Using Browser’s Print Function

There are times that you just need the calendar or an event page on a piece of paper. The easiest way to print your...
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Hide Weekends

If you do not wish to see weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) on your calendar view, you can use a link parameter to hide...
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Export Event Comments

Calendar administrators can use the bulk export option to easily export calendar data. If you wish, you can export event comments. Here’s how: Open...
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Copy or Move an Event to Current Day

This built-in shortcut makes it fast to quickly copy or move an event to the current day. On the web browser, you can right-click...
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Secure a Compromised Administrator Link

Administrator access provides full access to and control over your calendar. It’s important to only provide administrator access to authorized individuals who need access...
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Add a Calendar to Your Dashboard on Mobile

If you have a Teamup user account, you can use the synced, global calendar dashboard on your web browser and your mobile devices. When...
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Remove a Calendar from Your Dashboard

The calendar dashboard, a feature enabled by a user account, is your central location for all your Teamup calendars. With a calendar dashboard, you don’t...
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Export Employee Hours from Your Teamup Calendar

Many employers or supervisors have employees log or schedule their hours with a shared Teamup calendar. At times, they may need to pull reports...
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Share and Promote Events on Social Media

Whether you want to share an event invitation with a small group of friends, or promote an event to a large group or an...
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