September Updates: Edit event field names, do more with iCal feeds

Despite all the transitions and challenges of this year, life keeps going. We hope Teamup makes your daily routines and work easier. Here are...
Annie Mueller
5 min read

Account Users or Links: Share Your Calendar the Best Way

With Teamup calendars, you can share your calendar with others in two ways: by adding someone as an account-based calendar user, or by creating a...
Annie Mueller
3 min read

Add and Deactivate Sub-Calendars for Time-Limited Projects

If you manage projects for yourself, with your team, or for clients, you may find your calendar needs changing. For example, you may have...
Annie Mueller
1 min read

Integrate Teamup Calendar with MS Teams

Do you use MS Teams? If so, your Teamup calendar can be easily integrated with your MS Teams environment. Anyone who is part of...
Annie Mueller
23 sec read