custom event fields

Custom Fields in Action for Busy Fencing Contractor

Learn how this busy fencing contractor puts custom fields in action on their Teamup calendar to keep field crews informed and productive.
2 min read

A Calendar that Calculates: Capture Amounts and Sum Numerical Data with Teamup

Capture amounts or other numerical data on your Teamup calendar. Then go to Table view to automatically sum numerical data. Adjust the date range...
2 min read

How to Use a Single Choice Custom Field to Mark Event Status

Quickly assign the status of a task or event, make the status visible directly on the calendar views, all without typing out the same...
0 sec read

16 Ways to Use Custom Event Fields on Your Calendar

When setting up your calendar, think carefully about how to organize sub-calendars, and how to use the custom event fields. Both sub-calendars and custom...
7 min read