Attaching Files to Calendar Events Just Got Better and Easier

We’ve recently improved file uploading and added a new Attachments field. So, there are now three places to upload files to a Teamup calendar event: in the description, comments, or as attachments. File uploading works for Teamup on the web and  Teamup mobile apps.

The new Attachments field

The dedicated field for attachments opens a new dimension to organize and access calendar information. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Attachments list: show or hide the list of uploaded files with thumbnails. Supported file types include images, text, PDF and other common application files.
  • Preview attachments: swipe through on a mobile app or arrow through on a browser.
  • Quick preview of pictures: The preview file size is reduced by a factor of 10 to ensure good user experience while the original remains as is.
  • Sharing options: each file attached can be shared or exported.
  • Don’t need it? No problem. You can disable the attachment field in calendar settings.
swipe attachments
Preview attached images. Try it!


Available to everyone, even free users!

As announced previously, file uploading is now available on all subscription levels. Even if your calendar is on the free (Basic) plan, now you can upload files to your events on Teamup. Before, this feature was available only on paid subscription plans.

To help you envision some of the possibilities, we’ve created a live demo calendar for attaching files to calendar events that you can launch and try yourself with the administrator rights. This fully featured demo calendar has sample events you can view and modify. The pre-populated events show common ways to use file attachments on a Teamup Calendar. You can also create your own events to live test file uploads and try out the new attachments field. While you’re there, feel free to dive in and explore all the other Teamup features.

12 Ways to Use File Uploads with Your Teamup Calendar

Take a tour of file attachment examples

We’ve created shortcuts to specific file attachment use cases on this live demo calendar. It has exactly the same setup as the live demo calendars you can create yourself – except that this one is read-only. Use the links below to jump straight to the example that’s most interesting to you. Then, you can keep exploring the demo calendar or come back to try more shortcuts. Read more about the use cases.





     Moments of Delight


Quick tips for fast learners


Here’s a fun challenge

If you create a new live demo calendar for file attachments, it will look like this:

live demo file attachments in 3w view.png

Do you know how to make it look like this?

live demo file attachments in table view.png



What are your creative ways of using the file attachments feature to make life simpler and more delightful? Let us know or add a tweet to share!

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