How a Charity Manages Projects and Events with Teamup

We recently heard from John Kee, CEO of Summer Madness, a small charity in Ireland which hosts festivals and conferences. Each event has a lot to organize and oversee, and smaller projects that are part of it. There’s also the ongoing organizational projects and administrative tasks. John’s using Teamup to manage projects and events, and make operations smoother for staff and volunteers.

Here’s what he said about choosing Teamup over all the other options.

Manage projects with visualized priorities

“Here is why I have opted for Teamup. I don’t see myself as an expert in every form of Project Management – but I do have a lot of experience in finding ways to make my own life a little easier. I have been delighted to finally discover an approach that allows me to easily ‘visualize’ my workload and priorities.

I have used or tried Toodledo, Kanban, ClickUp, Google Tasks, MS Todo, Todoist, Evernote, Asana. I’ve persevered with some more than others. I have enjoyed most of these, and appreciate their unique features, but ultimately have given them all a miss because my particular needs have now found the best solution in Teamup.

What makes Teamup work

  1. I don’t need to integrate my diary and appointments: it’s all one. Just a seamless operation which automatically helps to balance my appointments and task lists in one place.
  2. I can easily zone-in on an aspect of a project or several projects at a glance with the simple calendar filtering mechanism.
  3. It’s so straightforward to include other staff or volunteers in the big-picture views.
  4.  Any task or project management process must include a simple way of quickly recording or capturing a thought or job or ‘todo’ – without necessarily knowing when and how to ‘tag’ or file it. Now, as I use Teamup, I pay much more attention when I’m generating to-do lists and milestones as to where a job belongs and when it should be tackled and completed.
  5. Our relatively large band of volunteers takes on most of the workload when it comes to the festivals and conferences that we run. Enabling them to organise team rotas and quickly grasp what else is going on is absolutely fabulous. The range and flexibility of calendar access that I can set up for individuals and for different groups, some as editors and some as simply viewers, is such a helpful feature to manage projects and events.
  6. Teamup is superb when it comes to time-tabling the actual conference content and allowing guests to view the Conference Schedule through a variety of perspectives and filtering on speaker/venue.

I am recommending Teamup to all of the youth groups and allied organisations that we serve because it is simply the best, all inclusive, adaptable, straightforward application to manage projects, schedules, and programmes, while keeping everyone informed and sane!”

Thanks for sharing your story with us, John! We’re glad Teamup is a useful tool that helps your team manage projects and events all year round.

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