Print Multiple Months of Teamup Calendar

Print multiple months from your Teamup calendar

Even in our online world, there may be a need to have a paper copy of your Teamup calendar. In some cases, you might want to print multiple months. Here are the best options for doing so:

  • When using the month view, it is not possible to automatically print more than one month at a time. You can print multiple copies of the month showing in your calendar view. To print another month, you’ll manually switch the calendar to the next month on screen, then print it. In this case, if you need multiple copies of multiple months printed, it’s easiest to print all the needed copies of one month, say, January. Then print all needed copies of the next month, and so on. When all copies are printed, collate the printed calendars.

Keep in mind that the monthly view is not the only way to view or print a month or multiple months in Teamup. Some of the other calendar views give you a broader multi-month view and make printing multiple months at a time easier.

  • Switch to the List or Agenda Views and print either 3 or 6 months from there. You can choose to show details or not, depending on your needs.
  • Print from the Year view with the selected amount of months showing in the calendar view.
  • Or, if you prefer the (bigger) grid layout, set the multi-week view to show 12 weeks at a time; then you can print 3 months at a time.​

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