Filter by Event Field in Calendar

Filter your calendar by the contents of custom event field

When you need to quickly find a certain event, or see events that have a certain characteristic (such as place, time, topic, or people involved), you can use the filtering options.

Filters are the search tools included in a Teamup Calendar. Filters make it easy to find the specific information or events you need, even on a complex calendar with many events. You can filter by sub-calendar, by keyword, or using a combination of both.

You can also filter by custom event field.

To do so, expand the filters below the list of calendars. Then choose the option from the custom event field you wish to use as a filter:

Choose the option from the custom event field to filter your calendar
Choose the option you want to use as a filter. 

You can filter by multiple options at one time. You can also filter by multiple custom event fields at the same time. And you can combine filters: for example, you can filter by a sub-calendar and an option from a custom event field.

To return to your normal calendar view, simply clear the filters: click the X on your individual filter choices, or click the blue Clear link below the filters to clear all.

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