Use Link Parameter to Hide Weekends

Hide weekends from your calendar view with Teamup

Link parameters are short snippets you can add to any shareable calendar link for a customized view. We’ve just added a new link parameter to hide weekends. We hope this will be helpful for our users who want a workweek view of their calendar!

A link parameter allows you to create a specific look for a shareable calendar link without overriding your normal global settings. Parameters can do things like hide the sidebar or force the calendar to open on a specific date.

In the image above, the smaller computer on the right shows a regular weekly calendar view, with the week starting on Sunday. The larger computer (on the left) shows a weekly calendar view with the weekend hidden.

The hideWeekend parameter

To show or hide weekend days in week view, multi-week view and month view, append the parameter to your calendar link. Full instructions here. Hiding weekends can be very helpful if you want to set up a display of a work calendar or embed a work calendar with a schedule for Monday-Friday only.

hideWeekend=1 Hide weekend.
hideWeekend=0 Show weekend.


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