Use Agenda View for Event Details

A calendar view is a feature that enables you to choose how you see your calendar. Teamup provides several unique calendar views: day, multi-day, week, multi-week, month, year, list, agenda, and scheduler view. As a calendar administrator, you can choose which calendar views to enable on your calendar. Go to Settings > Calendar Views. You can set a default calendar view and toggle calendar views on or off.

The Agenda view allows the option to set the date range and choose to show event details or not. When the box is checked, all event details will show, including the event description, images, sub-calendar name, and any event fields.

If you want to share your calendar with a customized shareable link, you can use link parameters so that the calendar link will open in Agenda view. Set the global calendar settings to show details by default. This will allow your calendar visitors to see the events in a neat format with all the details at hand.

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