Cycling Group Coordinates Rides and Events with Teamup

Cycling club uses Teamup to coordinate events and rides


How does your group coordinate events and activities? A Teamup calendar can ease the burden of work on volunteers. The best part? Everyone can spend more time doing what they love.

We hear from Teamup users in all parts of the world, doing many interesting things: researching otters in the US, running a global conference in Norway, and  doing volunteer 4×4 work in the UK. It’s always fun to hear stories about Teamup in action. Many outdoor recreational and sports clubs find Teamup a useful addition to their toolbox. Since Teamup allows various levels of calendar access, delegating and scheduling becomes a lot easier.

About Vélo Plaisirs

Vélo Plaisirs is the biggest non-competitive bike club in the Outaouais and one of the largest in Quebec. The Club is a non-profit organization aimed at adult cyclists of all levels. People aged 12 to 17 cannot be a member but can participate in an outing provided they are sponsored and accompanied by an adult member throughout the trip.

In addition to offering many group outings, the Club offers early-season workshops, social events throughout the year, summer training sessions, and regional information about the club.

Benoit Rouleau, the vice president of Vélo Plaisirs, shared with us how they use Teamup.

The story

The club is run 100% by volunteer work.

The Teamup calendar is used by volunteers to add rides, social and major events and meetings and parties.

In the past, we have used a Google calendar, but this prevents the volunteers from being able to add and modify their own rides. Without the ability to delegate, all the scheduling work had to be done by a few administrators. This caused everyone the frustration of a slow execution and delays in updating events. We are not always here at the exact moment that a volunteer wants to modify or cancel or add an event.

The calendar is public, but meant to be used primarily by our members. Sometimes people visiting our beautiful area will join us on a group ride or event.

We have the calendar embedded on the organization’s website. This way members and potential members can view and signup for events.

The Vélo Plaisirs calendar

What makes it work

For a large and very active organization like Vélo Plaisirs, a few features make Teamup the perfect choice.

  • Teamup mobile apps for iOS and Android: volunteers can add or modify events on the go, which makes administration and scheduling much easier. Plus, everyone can check updated information for events anytime; it’s easy to view event details or check the calendar on your mobile device.
  • Linking to Google maps: it’s handy for members to enter the geographical location of each event (address or coordinates) in the Where field and have it link automatically to that location on Google maps.
  • Calendar embedding: Keeping members informed–and providing a comprehensive view of organization activities for potential members–is much easier with a calendar embedded on a website or Facebook page.
  • Signup on events: the event signup feature makes it easy for event organizers to predict and manage participation. Signups can have a deadline and a maximum number.
  • Share an event as a page: with Teamup, you can easily and automatically generate a stand-alone webpage for any event. It’s as easy as a single click. The event page can then be shared across any social media, messaging, or email platform. Event promotion made easy.

How could a Teamup calendar make your organization more efficient? More efficiency means more time for the things you enjoy.

Many thanks to Benoit Rouleau for sharing your story.

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