Use Event Comments to Gather Feedback

Use event comments to gather feedback

Feedback from customers, clients, and team members can be a huge help. Honest feedback lets you know how others experience your products, services, and/or events. You can learn how to improve, what to change, and what’s working really well.

Timing is important for feedback. People have fresh thoughts and suggestions soon after an event. If too much time passes, the details become blurry. With event comments on your Teamup Calendar, both in the web browser and on the Teamup mobile apps, you can gather feedback quickly and easily.

Gather feedback with event comments

Open your calendar in a web browser, with an administrator link, to access the calendar settings.

Go to Settings > Event Fields. Find the Comments pre-built event field and click the Edit icon. Go to the Defaults section and check the Comments Enabled option, then set the visibility to All users. Now all events will have comments enabled and visible to All users by default. (You can still change the Comments settings on any individual event, at any time: go to the event editor > Options > Comments.)

Enable event comments for team collaboration on your editorial calendar.
Enable event comments by default and choose who can view them.

Now you’re ready to gather feedback:

  • At a team meeting, make an announcement before the meeting ends: ask attendees to open the meeting event on their calendar and leave a comment with their thoughts, suggestions, notes, or other feedback. Since event comments are available on Teamup mobile apps, team members can leave feedback using their mobile devices. Easy and quick, and no one has to follow up for feedback hours or days later.
  • At a corporate event, conference session, or workshop, ask participants to leave their feedback in the last 10 minutes of the allotted time. Have the event page link handy in case anyone doesn’t have it; then participants can open the event page and use the comments to leave feedback, using their laptops, a mobile browser, or a Teamup mobile app.
  • The Hannover Re team used the description field to gather feedback, but using event comments allows multiple individuals to leave feedback at the same time. All they need is a read-only calendar link, or a link to the event page.
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