Customizable Display of Event Field Data in Calendar Views

The information in any event field can now be displayed in the calendar view. You can configure which fields show.

Teamup allows you to customize and add new event fields to events. This can be managed by the calendar administrator in Settings > Event Fields. When you open the event field option in the settings menu, you’ll see an editing interface. Enter the details as needed, then you can choose to show the field information in event title. This can be configured in Settings > Event Fields:

custom field data display config
You can create an event field with options to select or a blank text field, and enable display of the field info.

Once you enable the option to “Show in event title,” the events you create with information in that field will display it in any of the calendar views.

Take the example of a Team Calendar. Let’s add a custom field to track absence types including business trip, sick, and vacation:

custom field data in title
The even field information appears in parentheses behind the event title.

This information can be added or edited in the event editor as demonstrated:

custom field data options
Include information in the event field to see it on the calendar view.

This new feature makes it easier to see information at a glance, to sort and categorize within a sub-calendar, and to share relevant details with others without needing to share individual event links.

Please note that custom fields are not supported yet on the mobile apps. But you can open your calendar in the mobile browser to use the full feature.

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