Get the New Android App!

Great news for Android phone and tablet users:  We have just released the first version of Teamup Android App.  You can now download it on Google Play Store!

Add Calendar Link

The first thing you need to do is to connect your app to the Teamup Calendar you have been using or you need to create a new one at  Once you open the app, enter your calendar link or key which looks like this:

Calendar Link:
Calendar key: ks09175eafc7c69bf8

If you don’t have one to hand, click on the example for a quick look around.

Synchronization & Offline Access

The Android app will automatically synchronize with the Teamup server as long as it is connected to the Internet.  When it is offline, you can access the last synchronized version of your calendar.  Any new or edited events while you are offline will be saved on your device locally and automatically synchronized with the server once you are re-connected to the Internet.

Dashboard for Calendar Links

Another noteworthy feature of the Android app (same for the iOS app) is the dashboard for calendar links.  If you are using more than one Teamup Calendar or accessing multiple calendar links, it is convenient to add them all to the dashboard for quick access.

Limitations of the First Version

However, only the List view is available on this version of the App.  Additional views will be added at a later time.  If you are a calendar administrator and need to access the Settings area, please use the Web version of your calendar.

Continue to read how to use Teamup’s Android app.



Teamup Adds Spanish and Hungarian Versions (beta)

Following the recent addition of the French version, we are happy to announce that Teamup is now available in Spanish and Hungarian!

To access any of the new languages, the calendar administrator needs to go to Settings > General Settings.  Open the dropdown menu next to Language as shown below and choose your preferred language:

Teamup language section

The user now sees the calendar front interface in the chosen language:

Teamup in Spanish
Teamup in Spanish
Teamup in Hungarian
Teamup in Hungarian

Enjoy using Teamup and make your group experience better every day!

Filter events by keywords and sub-calendars

Too many events on display and wonder how you can see a specific event or all events of specific type?  Teamup introduces a new filtering capability that allows you to filter events by keywords and sub-calendars.  The picture below demonstrates how to filter all vacation plans on a team calendar, and see a specific employee’s planned vacations.

Filter by keywords and sub_calendars