How Teamup helps pavement company schedule jobs for people who build and repair our roads

Story from Teresa Ortiz, Holbrook Asphalt, USA

A year ago  we were using Google Calendar.  In our business, this calendar is almost our Bible.  Myself and another person schedule all of our jobs on this calendar.  In the summer, it is crazy.  We need the different colors to signify the type of work we are doing.  We might be doing a sealcoat on asphalt, or just crackfill.  We have 3 superintendents who have access to the calendar and the colors help them to know what is coming up, and to prepare the crew assignments.  So our “calendars” are actually just different jobs.

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How Teamup helps dog breeder with organizing her schedule

Story from Kristina Whetzel, Kyanite Acres, Virginia, USA

Teamup is a great tool for organizing my dog show schedules and sharing with my family and friends so they know exactly where I will be. It also allows others to edit or add other events, which is so helpful with my memory. I especially like that we can color code the different calendars. Gone are the days when I would forget to tell someone where I will be, they can just look at my Teamup calendar.

What we like best about Teamup? That all participants can edit the calendars.

Thank you for sharing your story Kristina. It is great to hear what a resourceful tool Teamup calendar is for you. Best of luck with your dog shows.

We are thrilled to receive feedback and user stories from all around the world.  We are sharing some of them here, and say a big THANK YOU!


How Teamup Helps a Nationwide Charity Manage over 500 Volunteers

Story from Michelle Atkinson, Look Good Feel Better, New Zealand:

We use TeamUp to manage over 25 calendars for our volunteer management across the country, as a Nationwide charity managing over 500 volunteers a year and with over 240 workshops happening in regions, we find it useful to be able track regions and communicate directly with our volunteers by providing reminders and information for upcoming workshops. We were unable to find another system that allowed us to manage so many calendars and to turn on and off the visibility of ones we wanted in view.  The Multiple sub calenders feature is most helpful.

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Some of the Recent User Feedback – Thank You!

In our November edition of Teamup Newsletter, we asked for real-world stories and the true experience of our users.  We are thrilled to receive feedback from all around the world.  We are sharing some of it here, and say a big THANK YOU!

Alexander Owens, Lafayette College,  USA

Teamup has great viewing options from scheduling view to list view plus no need to have a specific account to utilize. These set them apart.

One big plus for my needs which is not available on other products such as Google Calendar or Outlook is that the color of each sub-calendar stays the same regardless who views it. Colors in scheduler view are helpful for space scheduling to know at a glance what spaces are occupied presently.

The most useful feature for us is unlimited users without needing an account.  We have people in various states using different software and they can all view and interact with the calendar.

Feedback from Terje Pettersen, Lebesby Kommune, Norway   

When someone asks when our church is booked a specific day, i can just send them a link to the calendar. Also, if someone asks about an event, i can send them a link to the event in the calendar.

The best thing is how easy it is to share the calendar with others.  No password, just a link.

The easy overview of the calander is the best.  With the specific colors we can choose and easy custom options, it is definitely the most helpful and the main reason to use the calendar.

This calendar have made it very easy for our church members to follow up on the community activities.


Teamup has a very interactive user-interface! It is easy to use and now, I can add and edit my events within seconds!  Compared to other calendars, teamup has more features to fit every user’s needs!

The best thing about Teamup is that it is convenient as compared to Google Calendar.  My clients just find it easier to use!  The first time i was introduced to Teamup, I learned how to use it in minutes!  It is just user-friendly!

The “About” feature is the most helpful.  I can always change it and this is a feature most calendars do not have and Teamup just NAILED IT!

Graham Carey, Ipswich Rider Training

The real-time online capacity is brilliant. Its access across multiple platforms (mac, pc, iPhone, android) means that the whole team can see all the critical diary entries. It has taken away confusion and questions and with 24 x 7 access we all know what we are supposed to be doing the next day, next week or whenever.

What we like best about Teamup is the ease of use – no training is required as its intuitive and the clean interface provides for a clean presentation.

We have a team of 12 people and each has a unique colour. This means that at a glance visual awareness of scheduled is always available.

Can’t do without this brilliant product!

Natacha Brisson, TVBL, Canada

It’s the first one we used, before it was a board that was pinned to the wall. So for us, it was a great achievement to go “virtual” 🙂

Each employee can use it.  We love the simplicity of it! It’s so user friendly and easy to understand. The different colors that helps us identify each employee and the tasks that we expect to be done by a certain date.

Peter Panizzi, Auburn University, USA

We tried Outlook shared calendars for instrument sign-up and resource management but that was too difficult to be broadly implemented.

With Teamup, unlimited users can access is the best.  As transparency is always an issue at the university level it is nice that individuals do not need to login to see what is available at a given time.